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ACA Round-Up: 1332 Waiver News From Iowa And Minnesota; Big Blow To Graham Cassidy

Iowa has supplemented its 1332 waiver application to offer to compensate insurers for reducing cost sharing for those with incomes of 133-150 percent of poverty. Minnesota’s Governor is protesting the treatment of his state’s waiver application. And Sen. McCain now opposes Graham-Cassidy.

September 22, 2017 | Following the ACA, Insurance and Coverage

The Graham-Cassidy Plan: Sweeping Changes In A Compressed Time Frame

After the difficult process of considering ACA repeal-and-replace plans, and with the ticking Reconciliation clock, the GOP is rushing to pass Graham-Cassidy. But they should be mindful of the perception that the bill is being pushed through with insufficient time to raise legitimate questions.

Patient-Centered Care Starts With Patient-Provider Communication

Improving communication between patients and their providers is crucial to reforming the health care system to better meet patients’ needs and improve patient outcomes.

Addressing The Gap In Noncommunicable Disease Data With Technology And Innovation

As the noncommunicable disease epidemic reaches all countries, government officials and public health professionals need high-quality, accessible data about NCD risk factors to make informed decisions. A partnership of Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Australian government, the $100 million...

September 21, 2017 | GrantWatch, Public Health

The Future Of CHIP: The KIDS Act Of 2017

Introduced by Sens. Hatch and Wyden, Finance Committee Chair and Ranking Member, the KIDS Act (S. 1827) would extend funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program through FY 2022. Exactly when and how a CHIP funding extension might advance is unclear, but this bipartisan proposal is welcome.

September 21, 2017 | Insurance and Coverage, Medicaid and CHIP

Pharmacy Benefit Management Of Opioid Prescribing: The Role Of Employers And Insurers

In the last two decades, prescribing rates for opioids have increased nearly three-fold, from 76 million prescriptions in 1991 to approximately 207 million prescriptions in 2013.  This remarkable volume of opioid prescribing is unique to the United States, where 2015 prescribing amounts were...

ACA Round-Up: Bipartisan Market Stabilization Efforts Stall; Iowa 1332 Waiver Application Advances; And More

Talks on individual market stabilization measures collapsed as GOP leaders focus on the Graham-Cassidy legislation. CMS has preliminarily declared Iowa’s application for a 1332 state innovation waiver complete, opening a comment period on the most far-reaching such waiver application to date.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: Will Reshaping Medicaid Sacrifice An Important Benefit?

One non-medical service---transportation to medical appointments---has been part of Medicaid since its inception in 1966 and addresses one of the socioeconomic disadvantages that prevent Medicaid beneficiaries from accessing health services.

September 20, 2017 | Medicaid and CHIP, Population Health, Quality

Making Measurement Count: The Importance of NQF

At a time when the specialty societies are delving deeper into measure development and need NQF’s expertise and technical assistance more than ever, NQF’s future is in jeopardy. Unless Congress acts, the annually authorized mandatory $30 million invested in the nation’s quality measurement work...

Premiums For Employer-Sponsored Family Health Coverage Rise Slowly For Sixth Straight Year

In 2017, some 151 million Americans rely on employer-sponsored coverage. Annual family premiums for employer coverage rose an average of 3 percent to $18,764 this year. Workers’ average contribution to family premiums has increased more rapidly than the employer’s share since 2012 (32% vs. 14%).